Metro Times

A feature on the Metro Times cover with a full spread from Liv Martin's senior thesis, while attending the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. This photo series showcased Issa's happiest and meaningful moments in his first year of transitioning.

Transmission Podcast Interview

Issa and Lorne join host Jackson Bird to discuss the making of the film and the importance of trans art made by and for trans people.

The three also discuss male privilege as transmasculine people, visible markers of transness, fitting into the community, and more.

Issa was featured on the cover of the Normality debut mini-issue with an inside spread that tells the story of his transition and his life beyond it. The Normality Project’s mission is to neutralize the stigma of identifying as trans through storytelling that offers a more complete account of an individual’s life. The Normality Project is a magazine and digital media platform that showcases transgender individuals’ stories, creating a space for others in the trans community to see a diverse range of trans experiences represented, and for people outside the transgender community to better their understanding of trans individuals.

Between the Lines

The first feature to debut plans for the film, with the working title "Crossing the Divide".